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Adult Inpatient Treatment in Salt Lake City, UT

The most comprehensive adult inpatient program in Utah. Hands down.

Odyssey House’s Adult Residential substance abuse rehab program serves men and women ages 18 and up, with a moderate to severe drug or alcohol addiction problem. Many addicted adults have little insight into their problem, lacking the ability to recognize or cope with relapse triggers, creating high risk for continued use. For them, a residential inpatient alcohol/drug rehab program is crucial, and Odyssey House in Salt Lake City is second to no other in the State of Utah.

Our residential inpatient drug rehab program specializes in “‘hard to reach”’ clients facing problems in multiple life areas. Such adults typically display one or more of the following characteristics: a long history of substance abuse, mental health issues, poor social skills, limited job skills, low income, impaired family relationships, lack of transportation, medical complications, a history of high-risk behaviors, unstable housing, lack of education, and failed prior treatment.

The high complexity of this population requires intensive oversight and structure. Since 1971, our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab/treatment program boasts a true Dual-Diagnosed Enhanced Therapeutic Community, within which a variety of best-practice treatment modalities are used. This residential treatment program is run in conjunction with vocational development, sober housing, medical care, and psychiatric services.

Best Practice Drug and Alcohol Addiction Services

Odyssey House utilizes a Modified Therapeutic Community (TC) model which is a suggested approach and a listed best practice in SAMHSA’s National Registry and the Treatment Improvement Protocols. This model is a powerful tool in engaging clients in the treatment process through role modeling of healthy behaviors and allowing adults to self-identify unproductive coping methods and thought processes.

The TC model provides frequent opportunities for peer support and feedback, as adults often see problematic behaviors, natural consequences, and warning signs in others far sooner then they see these signs within themselves. The TC highlights individual client strengths and works to develop them further for continued success after treatment.

The therapeutic community becomes a starting point where other evidence-based practices and modalities can be employed. Our treatment model has many powerful features for adults, providing more resources and longer treatment regimens than other comparable programs. The Adult Program harnesses the therapeutic community to provide a depth of nurturing and support that many clients have never previously experienced.

Our adult inpatient drug/alcohol rehab program truly promotes a global life-style change, including abstinence from drugs and alcohol, elimination of poor behaviors, enhanced education, constructive employment, safe housing, lifelong medical care, and development of prosocial attitudes.

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Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Enhanced Care

Sober Living Client

Underlying mental health conditions represent a significant barrier to recovery. Adults with a diagnosable mental health condition often present with untreated symptoms, a lack of knowledge around the condition(s), and tend to have a history of self-medication through the use of illicit substances.

Odyssey House is a Dual Diagnosis Enhanced program. We provide enhanced therapies for those with co-occurring mental health and substance–related disorders. Co-occurring disorders that are common with adults include depression, anxiety, Antisocial Personality Disorder, mood disorders, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Odyssey House selects treatment strategies that have demonstrated effectiveness, including:

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Dialectic Behavioral therapy
  • Contingency Management
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention

We employ these strategies within group and individual therapeutic settings.

All staff is cross-trained in mental and substance-related disorders with specific interventions tailored to each client’s needs. Psychiatric services and medication management are integrated into the inpatient drug/alcohol rehab treatment plan when necessary.

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Behavioral Interventions

Adults with prolonged use of substances face multiple behavioral deficits including struggling to communicate, poor emotion regulation, the stigma of being an addict, guilt and shame, lack of housing, limited employment, and little positive social supports. The combination of the above and other difficult behaviors requires a more intensive treatment approach.

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Adult Program Highlight – Vocational Education

Adult Vocational TrainingOdyssey House’s adult inpatient drug/alcohol rehab program places particular emphasis on vocational training and employment preparation. To address deficits in vocational skills and employment readiness, Odyssey provides a vocational training program that eases clients into the workforce and higher paying jobs post treatment.

When men and women first enter inpatient drug rehab treatment, they engage in daily practice of basic employment skills, such as time management. They then move into sheltered training sites based on interest and skill level. These sites focus on the following trades: construction, culinary and food services, clerical and sales, counseling and supervisory, and residential and commercial building maintenance. Within these sites, expectations are similar to that of an employer, including appropriate dress, personal hygiene, and following a chain of command.

As adults demonstrate readiness, they are moved into private industry vocational training sites within community businesses. The positions offer an opportunity to practice vocational skills, develop a work history, and develop a career-oriented direction while still within the supportive treatment environment. Additionally, clients engage in employment preparation services to help them create a resume, communicate skills, and follow-up with potential employers.


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