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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers for Parents with Children

-Stopping the Multigenerational Cycle

The Parents with Children program at Odyssey House’s alcohol rehab centers and drug rehab centers makes it possible for parents and their children to stay together while parents receive residential addiction treatment.

Parents with children under the age of nine qualify for the program, including women who are pregnant. While parents attend individual and group therapy throughout the day, children play and learn at our unique therapeutic day care located a short walking distance away from both the Mother’s and the Father’s programs.

The Parents with Children program treats the entire family. Parents receive intensive addiction and mental health services while the children concurrently receive care for the trauma, abuse and neglect they have experienced from having an addicted parent.

Our staff help keep the family intact by addressing the entire family’s needs, including:

  • education deficits
  • poor work history
  • parenting issues
  • relationship problems and/or
  • criminal backgrounds

We believe that treating the whole client, as well as their children, is vital to break the multi-generational cycle of substance abuse and addiction and helping them reach their full potential — united as a family.

Mother's with Children at our Alcohol Rehab CentersFamily residential rehab programs include:

  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Substance abuse groups
  • Therapeutic day care for the children
  • Parenting skill development
  • Professional skill development
  • Family centered cultural and outdoor recreation
  • Family meetings
  • Family therapy and family support groups
  • Education services
  • Case management
  • Gender groups
  • Family meal preparation and education
  • Couples counseling
  • Trauma support groups
  • Domestic violence groups
  • Integrated medical care (learn more about our agency clinic)
  • Psychiatric services
  • Medication management
  • Life skill classes
  • Behavior modification groups and interventions

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Parents with Children Residential Program Strengths

Children Services Classroom at our Alcohol Rehab CentersChildren’s Services- The children of addicted parents have been forced into a life filled with neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment and other experiences that often hinder physical growth, emotional development or intellectual capacity.

Odyssey House’s Children’s Services Program was created solely to address children’s past traumas and attachment needs to give kids a chance to experience the remainder of their childhood in a healthy and safe environment.

At the Children’s Services Program, kids learn how to trust, develop self-esteem and how to interact with other adults and children appropriately.

Each child in the care of our drug and alcohol rehab centers is treated individually for their specific needs and on their developmental level through counseling and multiple therapeutically designed activities. School age children continue their education though a special partnership with Salt Lake City School District and return to the program after school for treatment.

Parents and children engage in family therapy together and the parent receives intensive parenting support, education, and coaching.

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Father's with Children in Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab CentersFathers with Children Program- Odyssey House has the only drug and alcohol rehab centers program in the western United States with a fathers’ program.

Dads who have dependent children and addiction issues often have few options for treatment and are then forced to break up the family unit through foster care or leaving their kids with relatives.

Odyssey House has worked with hundreds of fathers to overcome their addiction and become incredible parents to their children for the rest of their lives.

A Day in the Life

Upon entering treatment, each family is given a therapist who will evaluate the unique issues and dynamics facing them. Together, they create a treatment plan that guides the family through their rehab stay.

Since families are much more dynamic than treating just one person, treatment stays will vary based on progression of both the parent and the family unit.

The minimum stay requirement of this program is 90 days. Couples are not allowed into the parents’ program. Special arrangements can be made with the Adult Residential Program on a case-by-case basis if both parents are in need of care.

Families will be treated in a highly-structured environment to help them learn what a healthy schedule should be for a family.

Smiling Youth ClientSample Parents Program Schedule
06:30 AM – Wake up
07:15 AM – Breakfast
08:30 AM – Take children to Children’s Services and school
09:00 AM – Morning meeting
10:00 AM – Substance abuse therapy group
12:00 PM – Lunch
01:00 PM – Parenting group therapy
04:00 PM – Life skill development
06:00 PM – Dinner
07:00 PM – Family interaction time
09:00 PM – Evening meeting
10:00 PM – Bed time routines
10:30 PM – Lights out

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