There is a tremendous sense of fear not knowing how to help someone who is struggling. We can help, and you are not alone. Remember, caring family and friends who give “tough love” are the primary reason why many people achieve sobriety and stay in recovery.

Where to Start


Who Enrolls in our care

See who a typical adult client is in our residential and outpatient programs.

Expected Outcome

Learn what outcomes your loved one can have if they complete care.

The best treatment

See how Odyssey House provides the best care for your loved one.

Free aftercare for life

Your loved one can have free aftercare for life.

how to help your loved one now

Although it is hard, people struggling with addiction heal every day with proper support. Remember, caring family and friends are the primary reason why many people achieve sobriety and stay in recovery.

Keep talking

Talk openly and frequently about your concerns regarding their drug and alcohol use.

Don't Enable 

Don’t enable unhealthy behaviors. Be aware of your behaviors that may enable their drug use.

hold boundaries

Set healthy boundaries that support them to change. Stay strong and don't give in.

stay aware

Ignoring the warning signs won't make drug use go away and only makes things worse. Trust your gut.

Get support for you

1. Call our Admissions Team to discuss your loved one's situation and learn what options are available.

2. Attend family support groups to meet others who share your experience and to process your feelings.
- Odyssey House Family Support Program
- USARA Family Group

3. Consider attending family or couples counseling to address deeper issues in a more intimate setting.