It is a terrifying feeling to have a teen who is struggling. Evaluating whether this is just a phase or if it will become a full blown drug addiction is a parent’s worst nightmare. It is important for you to know that the drugs teens are experimenting with have a high risk of overdose and almost all of the adults who enter our inpatient programs began using when they were young teens. Take action now and get your teen back on track to living a healthy and full life.

Where to Start


Who Enrolls in our care

Read about the 'typical' teens enrolled in our residential care.

Expected Outcome

Know the outcomes you can expect when they complete our inpatient care.

The best treatment

See how Odyssey House provides the best care for your teen.

Treatment Methods

Understand the Odyssey House methods and their results.

ways to support your teen now

Early interventions for teen drug and alcohol abuse can be a matter of life and death. Don’t disregard dangerous life choices as a passing phase. Pay attention and act now to ensure your teen gets the treatment support they need.

Keep talking

Frequently discuss your concerns with your teen regarding their drug and alcohol use.

Don't Enable 

Your behaviors may enable your teens drug use. Be aware of how you interact with your teen.

hold boundaries

Set clear boundaries with your teen that supports healthy behaviors. Don't give in!


You can't wish away addiction. Don't ignore the signs and act fast to get your teen care!

Get support for you

1. Call our Admissions Team now to discuss your situation and create an action plan for your teen.

2. Attend family support groups to help process your feelings and get support from others who share your experience.
- Odyssey House Family Support Program
- USARA Family Group

3. Enroll in family counseling to address deeper unresolved issues in a more private setting.