Who We Serve

Drug of Choice

Secondary Drug of Choice

Funding Sources

Top 10 Behaviors

  1. Denial of drug or alcohol problem
  2. Struggling or negative relationships
  3. Poor school attendance
  4. Dropping grades
  5. Asking for money
  6. Stealing from friends and family
  7. Lying or manipulative behavior
  8. Expressing unhappiness or being out of control
  9. Lying or manipulative behavior
  10. Inability to stop using, despite consequences

Individuals We Are Not Able To Serve

  • Younger than 14 years old
  • Below 9th grade level
  • Recent or active suicide attempts requiring a psychiatric
    hospital stay
  • History of violence when sober
  • Any acts of sexual assault
  • Individuals diagnosed with Autism
  • Psychosis when sober

Teen Age

Living Situation Prior to Treatment


Mental Health Issues

Dual Diagnose Experts

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Experienced Trauma