History of odyssey house

Opened as a non-profit in 1971, Odyssey House has become the leading and most respected substance use provider in the state of Utah. Odyssey operates the largest continuum of care for people to access at any level of need. We provide services in multiple settings for teens, adults, mothers with children, and fathers with children. 

When opened, Odyssey House was the first psychiatrically enhanced therapeutic community in the nation. Starting as a residential treatment program for men, Odyssey House has grown organically in response to trends in the community. For example, there was a large meth epidemic in the 1990’s which put many families at risk. In 1994, Odyssey opened the Mother’s with Children Program as a response. Additionally, with so many mothers using, men who were the only ones able to raise their kids had nowhere to go. In 2005, Odyssey opened our Fathers with Children program, and it is one of the very few operating in the Nation.

Licensed mental health professionals operate our programs using best practices to get to the core issues of addiction. These issues may include mental illness, poor work history, negative behaviors, physical illness, broken relationships, lack of housing, and incomplete education.

Odyssey’s services truly address each aspect of the individual, producing whole person change. Odyssey operates programs that address education, job skills, healthcare, sober housing, behavioral management, and aftercare support to ensure lifelong success. Without addressing all of these barriers at the same time, individuals will continue to struggle with their sobriety, and to us, that is unacceptable.

Over 46 years, Odyssey House has served tens of thousands of individuals struggling with addiction, mental health, and physical health issues. Not included in this number are clients’ families we serve. Healing family relationships strained by a loved one's’ addiction is a critical part of complete recovery. Odyssey House is mission driven, maintains high integrity in all interactions with individuals and the community, and creates healthy society members.



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