what makes odyssey the best

Joint Comission Accreditation

Odyssey House has maintained The Joint Commission (TJC) accreditation since 2011. Our agency goes through in-depth reviews to make sure we are adhering to their established standards. TJC works with various healthcare professionals, treatment providers, subject matter experts, consumers, government agencies (including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and employers to establish their monitoring criteria (The Joint Commission, 2016).

The Joint Commission standards are designed to improve patient safety, quality of care, have a positive impact on health outcomes, meet or surpass law and regulation, and can be accurately measured (The Joint Commission, 2016). Every three years, TJC comes unannounced to evaluate our programming, process improvement procedures, service quality, safety, risk management, and policy and procedures. By maintaining The Joint Commission accreditation, Odyssey House’s services rank in the top 7.3% of all behavioral health providers in the nation.

Independent University of Utah Evaluation

In November 2015, Odyssey House underwent an independent evaluation by the University of Utah to establish our effectiveness using a national evaluation. Evaluators looked at Odyssey’s residential and outpatient programming in the following three areas: program leadership and development; staff; and quality assurance.
Based on the University’s findings, Odyssey’s programs overall were classified as ‘highly effective.’ Out of the 500 programs that have undergone the evaluation nationwide, only 7% rank as highly effective. The following is a summary of OH’s organizational capacity. Here is a quick look at what makes Odyssey House ‘highly effective’:

- Odyssey is the first psychiatrically enhanced therapeutic community in the nation
- Odyssey House has served the target population in Utah since 1971
- Odyssey has maintained and grown treatment services year over year
- We have diversifying funding to ensure long term stability and viability
- Odyssey maintains strong relationships with partnering organizations
- Our staff hold the necessary qualifications, experience, stability, training, supervision, and involvement to serve the population

Funding Partners

Community Partnerships

Thirty One Time Winner Best of State Utah

We are very proud and honored to receive the Utah Best of State award twelve times in the past three years. Utah Best of State is a competitive process where treatment centers from around Utah submit documentation to be reviewed by a panel of professionals.

Highly Rated on Facebook and Google

If you review our Facebook or Google pages, you will see that we have TONS of positive reviews. Please take some time to look over these reviews and also compare them to our competitors. Please notice how many people are reviewing our programs compared to others. You will find that we have similar if not stronger reviews and that we have a lot more people vouching for our programs. This should give you piece of mind that Odyssey House operates the best rehab programs in Utah.

Outcome Tracking

Each Odyssey House program monitors successful completion rates weekly. Odyssey staff established an aggressive goal to have success rates mirror 4-day detox programs (63% success), despite the fact that we offer long term treatment programs. Currently, Odyssey House has a 62% success rate, where national averages for long term programs are in the low 40’s. Last year, Odyssey House served 3,654 people.

Not for Profit, FOR PEOPLE

If you were to ask Odyssey House staff what they love most about our agency (we collect staff satisfaction surveys twice a year), they would tell you three things:

1. They are proud to be a part of an organization who helps so many people
2. The company is mission-based
3. They love what they do

There is a tremendous amount of passion within Odyssey House which affects each person we serve and every staff member. We are proud to be the largest treatment provider in Utah, we are proud to have the most innovative programs available, and we are proud to be the ‘Odyssey Family.’ Our tagline is ‘We Are Recovery,’ and we mean it with all of our heart.


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