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Alex shared his progress to Discovery level last night stating it was a “big deal”. We are so grateful he is receiving exactly what he needs at Odyssey House. David and I thank you and all the staff intervening on his behalf. Your timely support and redirection are keeping him alive. We pray he continues to be open to all you offer and finds the peace he so deserves. The world awaits him.


( Adult Residential Client's Mother )

As a mother, I am so relieved to see my son break his addiction, become a different, humble person, and most importantly stand up and be a father to his daughter in all the right ways...


( Adult Residential Client's Mother )

Getting sober was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m here and I’m alive, and those are two things I wouldn’t be able to say if it wasn’t for Odyssey House.


( Adolescent Residential Client )

I accomplished way more in the last year then I have accomplished in the last 10. I've actually accomplished things I've wanted to accomplish for 30 years, like voting, graduating high school, and staying sober for this long, and I've done all three. If it wasn't for Odyssey I wouldn't.

( Adult Outpatient Client )

My experience at treatment was great! Odyssey House gave me my life back, and I want to thank all the staff that helped me through!


( Adolescent Residential Client, age 17 )

Odyssey House not only saved my life, but helped me learn how to love myself. I entered treatment ashamed, afraid and guilt ridden. I left with a whole new outlook on life. I have my family back and a future I'm no longer afraid of.

Shawnyne W

( Adult Residential Graduate )

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Substance Abuse Rehab in Salt Lake City

Alcohol and drug abuse can cause lasting damage in the lives of teens and adults alike.

Odyssey House has conducted successful, evidence-based recovery treatment and therapy since 1971. We are the largest, most influential substance abuse treatment provider in Utah. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are data-driven and effective: We evaluate our clients’ functionality before, during and after treatment to ensure those we help can stay on the path to recovery. Our Salt Lake City facility has a long, positive track record for helping teens and adults with substance abuse rehab and continuing aftercare support.

Providing effective, affordable care is our mission. We match our clients to the most effective treatment program among our diverse array of approaches. We provide multiple funding options, so that you can maximize the care you receive while minimizing cost. Our specialized, fully licensed staff can help ensure your continued recovery.

Why Odyssey?

Why Odyssey?

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Wrap Around Care

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Real Life Success