(open with wide shot of adult house zooming into doors)


Inside these doors, miracles happen every day. It’s Utah’s most successful road to sobriety.

(shots of people eating  breakfast, a little natural sound of people having fun)


At Odyssey House our days begin early as clients settle into a routine, learning healthy life skills that will help keep them sober when they leave.

(shots of people doing chores using a little natural sound from one of those jobs)


Everyone has chores. Future responsibility is also part of long term sobriety.

(shots of people in group therapy using a little natural sound of a therapist addressing an issue)

26 hours a week in group and individual therapy treating the underlying reasons for the addiction. Issues like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, antisocial personality disorder, and trauma.

(shots of fit to recover using natural sound of exercising activity)


As your mind heals, so does your body. 3 days a week of physical fitness including trips to fit to recover, salt lake’s only sober gym.

(shots of jazz game with a clip of natural sound of crowd noise)


It’s not all work, no play. Odyssey clients learn how to have sober fun,  going to jazz games, (shot of Ute game) Ute games. (shot of sober tailgating) sober tailgating. (shot of salt lake marathon) the salt lake city marathon, (shots of recovery day) recovery day to celebrate their sobriety, (shots of rally for recovery) the rally for recovery at the state capitol, (shots of clients watching movies) and movie evenings inside the house.

(shots of on the job training possibly flourish bakery again with a little natural sound)


Odyssey also has exclusive arrangements with local businesses for on the job training. Everyone leaves with a marketable job skill.

(shot of graduation with a little natural sound)