TEEN Residential

A long term substance abuse and mental health treatment center with an emphasis in education.

Inpatient Care for Your Teen

At Odyssey House’s Youth Treatment Programs, it is our mission to help teens understand their full potential, free of drugs and alcohol. Founded in 1971 as a 501(c)3 non-profit, Odyssey has a strong reputation of providing effective interventions for youth struggling with addiction, mental health, and physical health issues. Our services are rooted in an agency wide commitment to treating the whole person to ensure lifelong recovery.

Our programs are built on evidence-based, best practice models, and designed to help your teen successfully overcome each barrier they may face. We place a heavy emphasis on mental health, education, work training, physical health, family, healthy behaviors, and personal accountability. Through these methods, the youth and families we serve change their lives, remain sober and become contributing members of the community.

The Teen Treatment Team consists of the Program Director, Clinical Director, licensed clinicians, counselors, case managers, and members of the Medical Team which include an MD/Psychiatrist, a Physician Assistant (PA), a Nurse Practitioner (NP), and a Registered Nurse. Family members work closely with the Treatment Team to participate in therapy and provide support.

To ensure we are focused on the needs of your teen, they actively participate in their treatment planning and goal setting. Our licensed therapists educate them on the therapeutic techniques and measures we use. Teens are involved in building their treatment plan and regularly reviewing it while they are in our care. Each client guides their drug treatment by creating their treatment goals, such as journaling about a loss, writing letters to reconnect with a sibling or working toward a leadership position within the Modified Therapeutic Community (TC).

Teens in our inpatient setting participate in about 22 hours of therapeutic activities each week which including individual, group, and family therapy; medical and psychiatric services; education services; vocational preparation and training services; trauma recovery services; and recreation activities.

Education is a core component of Odyssey’s individualized care. Odyssey Academy is an on-site, accredited high school managed by Salt Lake City School District. Students receive personalized education provided by dedicated, experienced teachers. Small class sizes with assignments tailored to each student’s interests, helping teens develop confidence in their academic ability.

Many youths are behind in high school credits due to their drug use. Odyssey provides an additional term to aid teens in getting back on track, if not ahead of their grade level. Odyssey Academy engages students, fostering career interests and motivation to obtain the grades necessary to be accepted into college or vocational training programs. Our teachers encourage ongoing learning by exposing students to college materials or classes, extracurricular activities, potential degrees, and associated careers.

Through a variety of recreation and arts activities, youth explore their creativity and engage in activities to support emotional expression and deepen their cultural experience. Clients attend community events including theater performances, museums, and the symphony. Odyssey additionally supports the integration of exercise into daily life by engaging the teens in daily recreational activities, yoga twice weekly, and seasonal sports.

Odyssey maintains strong relationships with various fitness instructors and the University of Utah Physical Education and Dance Departments who provide advanced activities throughout the year. In the summer, when school is not in session, the youth engage in outdoor recreation including swimming, rock climbing, and frequently go to local parks to learn how to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Additional interventions

Successful recovery from drug and alcohol abuse requires teens to learn additional tools to keep them focused on their sobriety.

Life Skills

Teens learn basic life skills while in treatment including cooking, doing your laundry, the importance of keeping your space clean, etc.


As teens move through the program, they are given responsibilities in the community fostering a sense of self worth and achievement.


Your teen is about to become an adult. We train teens on certain marketable skills and provide basic employment preparedness activities.


Odyssey works to show teens activities that are easy to access and enjoyable while sober. Youth participate in regular recreation outings.

Creative expression

Youth participate in yoga, dance, and art (just to name a few) to encourage creative outlets to process treatment and strengthen sobriety.

healthy relationships

Teens work hard to improve relationships that were strained due to drug use. Teens will also understand the impact of unhealthy friends.

Odyssey Academy

In partnership with Salt Lake City School District, Odyssey House operates a therapeutic high school in our inpatient facility. Odyssey Academy serves only our youth, has 1:12 class ratio, and will get your child caught up if not ahead of their school credits. Youth receive special tutoring if needed in any subjects they struggle with. Youth gain a lot of self-esteem when they see they can be successful in school and achieve good grades. All credits are fully transferable.


Finding affordable treatment can be half the battle when you have a loved one struggling with drug addiction. Many teens are covered by commercial insurance or Medicaid, which helps provide quick access to care. Additionally, Odyssey House has government contracts for teens that may pay for their treatment if they are located in Utah, Nevada, or Idaho. Please contact our Admissions Team at 801-322-3222 to discuss your needs or read more on our insurance funding page.