At Odyssey House’s Youth Treatment Programs, it is our mission to help teens reach their full potential, free of drugs and alcohol. Our Teen Residential Program has been open since 1978 and has a strong reputation for successfully helping youth struggling with addiction, mental health, and physical health issues. Our services address the whole person to ensure lifelong recovery.

Teens are engaged and accountable for their treatment progress by helping build their treatment plan and setting personal goals with their therapist. Teens in our inpatient program participate in 25 hours of therapeutic activities each week including individual therapy, group therapy, trauma services, family therapy, and psychiatric services. Teens also participate in high school, vocational preparation, life skill development, and recreation activities.

Odyssey House is known for working with teens who have challenging behaviors and attitudes. Our core treatment model, the Therapeutic Community, is the best method to help teens understand how their negative actions impact not only their own lives but the people around them. Through this model, teens learn healthy communication skills, how to keep a structured schedule, responsibility for yourself and others, and how to engage in healthy relationships.

High school education is a core focus of Odyssey’s teen inpatient program. Odyssey Academy is an on-site, accredited high school managed by Salt Lake City School District. Teens work with specialized teachers with no more than 12 students in a classroom. Assignments are tailored to each student to help them catch up on credits they are behind on. Our teachers connect teens with topics they find interesting, exposing them to potential degrees, hobbies, and associated careers to motivate the teen to continue their education.


Successful recovery from drug and alcohol abuse requires teens to learn additional tools to keep them focused on their sobriety.

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Life Skills

Teens learn basic life skills while in treatment including cooking, doing your laundry, the importance of keeping your space clean, etc.

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As teens move through the program, they are given responsibilities in the community fostering a sense of self worth and achievement.

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Your teen is about to become an adult. We train teens on certain marketable skills and provide basic employment preparedness activities.

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Odyssey works to show teens activities that are easy to access and enjoyable while sober. Youth participate in regular recreation outings.

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Creative expression

Youth participate in yoga, dance, and art (just to name a few) to encourage creative outlets to process treatment and strengthen sobriety.

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healthy relationships

Teens work hard to improve relationships that were strained due to drug use. Teens will also understand the impact of unhealthy friends.


Learn about the various treatment approaches Odyssey House uses to address substance use, mental health, trauma, and various other behavior interventions.


Odyssey House leadership and staff track success on a weekly basis. Odyssey regularly surveys both staff, clients, and family members to gauge treatment and ensure successful results.


Read more about the common questions that are asked about treatment. If you have specific questions, please reach out to our Admissions team at 801-322-3222.