outpatient services

Odyssey House's outpatient addiction services have been so successful, people compare them to other residential programs. Don't waste your time, get the best treatment now so you can live a healthy and sober life.

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Intensive outpatient (IOP)

For adults who are barely hanging on and about to lose everything to addiction. Services range between 9-16 hours depending on need.

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Odyssey provides individual, family, and couples therapy to anyone in the community at an affordable rate.

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DUI Classes

Receive PRIME for Life® DUI instruction to satisfy any legal obligations or to gain more understanding about drug and alcohol use.

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General outpatient (GOP)

For those that are beginning to understand that they can't stop on their own. GOP services range from 2-5 hours based on individual need.

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family support group

Families and friends who have a loved one struggling with addiction can attend this group regardless if their loved one is in our care.

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Drug and Alcohol Assessments

Odyssey House provides affordable drug and alcohol assessments to fully satisfy any legal requirements.

Evening Programs

Attending outpatient care and meeting the other obligations of your life can be very stressful. Odyssey provides treatment services in the evening to help account for jobs and childcare needs. Therapy sessions can be scheduled around your busy day to keep your treatment as stress free as possible.


Odyssey House has over 48 funding contracts to help people access addiction treatment. You may have coverage by commercial insurance or Medicaid, which helps provide quick access to care. Our Admissions Team can evaluate if you qualify for government contracts that may pay for your outpatient treatment if you are located in Utah. Please contact our Admissions Team at 801-322-3222 to discuss your needs or read more on our insurance funding page.