Adult Residential

Both long and short term stays available to address real underlying reasons of using drugs and alcohol.

Additional interventions

It is critical you receive all of the tools to address the underlying reasons why you are using drugs. Living a healthy life is vital to staying sober.

Life Skills

Adults reinforce a healthy routine while in inpatient including cooking, doing laundry, the importance of keeping your space clean, etc.


Our addiction treatment model provides opportunity for leadership in the peer community creating self worth and motivation.


In partnership with Salt Lake City School District, adults can obtain their GED and receive vocational services while in treatment.


Many people participate in our recreation and cultural events sober for the first time in years. We want to show you can have fun in recovery.


Adults learn what it means to be accountable for their actions and how they impact others. This is a very important skill for recovering addicts.

healthy relationships

Adults repair healthy relationships that were strained due to their drug use and walk away from negative relationships that led to drug use.

Vocational Education

Many adults entering our care have either no work experience or have struggled to hold down a job due to their drug and alcohol use. Odyssey House operates both internal and external sheltered work sites in partnership with local business. Adults in our residential care will learn the daily routine needed to hold down a healthy job and multiple skills that go along with employment. Adults will have a job, housing, and medical care by the time they complete our full treatment stay.


Odyssey House has over 48 funding contracts to help people access addiction treatment. You may have coverage by commercial insurance or Medicaid, which helps provide quick access to care. Our Admissions Team can evaluate if you qualify for government contracts that may pay for your inpatient treatment if you are located in Utah. Please contact our Admissions Team at 801-322-3222 to discuss your needs or read more on our insurance funding page.