Our goal with the Criminal Justice Program (CJP) is to create a structure for inmates while incarcerated and have wrap-around community support lined up before their release. Services are FREE to inmates and not an additional financial burden to them or their families. CJP includes Correctional Addictions Treatment Service (CATS), Interim Drug Offender Group Services (DOGS), and Prime for Life®.

These services are highly successful! For example, in 2019, Salt Lake County conducted a recidivism study on our CATS program and found a 76% reduction in new-charge bookings one-year post CATS, a 90% reduction two years post CATS, and a 99% reduction three years post CATS. Salt Lake County also found an 83% improvement in employment status and a 46% reduction in homelessness.

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Skill Development

Inmates engage in skills development, including parenting, financial literacy, vocational prep, life skills, art therapy, and physical fitness.

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Trauma Informed Care

Most adults in this program have trauma, and our specially trained staff address these unique and sensitive issues.

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Mental Health

Working with an individual therapist, inmates work to identify their core issues and establish healthy coping skills.

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Discharge Planning

CJP staff create a strong discharge plan and help coordinate community support to wrap around inmates when released into the community.

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Sober Housing

Inmates qualify for Salt Lake County funding for sober housing if they complete CATS and will have a housing plan upon release.

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Alumni Support

Weekly groups to continue working with inmates upon release to provide transitional support (see calendar below).

frequently asked questions

What is the difference between CATS and DOGS?

CATS is a formal program lasting three months that inmates must get a formal referral by their judge to participate. DOGS is education classes offered to the general population in Salt Lake County Jail that inmates can attend at their own choosing.

How long does it take to complete the program?

CATS takes 3 months to complete.

How can inmates get into this program?

Please fill out this form to start the process. LINK.

My loved one is in another jail. How can they participate?

You can work with your loved one’s legal team to see if they are eligible to transfer to Salt Lake County Jail to participate in CATS.

What support is there for the inmate's family?

Odyssey offers a weekly family support group. Please read more here. LINK

Do you have a spot available?

We currently do not have a waitlist for CATS. Please fill out this form to get the process started. DOGS classes are open to all willing participants in the general population.