The FACT (Forensic Assertive Community Treatment) Team administers intensive mental health services to individuals with severe mental illness involved in the criminal justice system.

Services provided include psychiatric medication prescribing and management, case management, and therapeutic services in both individual and group settings. The team is equipped to provide all services in the community where participants live, work, and spend their days.

Participants receive 2-4 visits a week and are provided 24/7 crisis services with lifelong care, meaning individuals can remain in the program for as long as needed.

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Mental Health Focus

Along with an individual therapist, your team includes psychiatric providers who help with assessments and medications.

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Trauma Informed Care

Most participants in this program have experienced trauma, and our specially trained staff address these unique and sensitive issues..

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Dual Diagnosis Enhanced

Treatment teams can address co-occurring addictions or issues present.

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Life Skill Development

Participants are provided with cognitive & behavioral interventions and skills to help build resilience, independence, and healthy lifestyles.


Contact Lindsay Bowton at to make a referral. You will need documentation of a serious mental illness.


The FACT Team does not have specific housing for our program participants, but we work with community partners to help participants find affordable, safe housing.


Yes. We do not exclude people from the program who have been charged with a sexual offense. However, we do not provide specialized treatment for sexual offenders.


An individual must have Salt Lake County Medicaid in order to participate in the FACT Team. Certain people who are ineligible for Medicaid due to their immigration status may be eligible for a grant allowing them to participate.


No! Once you are on the FACT Team you can remain in the program for as long as you feel you need our services.


Yes. Many of our program participants struggle with substance misuse in addition to their mental health symptoms. We provide treatment and support to help minimize or stop use, and provide referrals to higher intensity of substance use treatment if needed.