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Cornerstone Award Winners



TEAM ADMIN, ADMISSIONS, MARKETING, FINANCE -- Nycholle Slack, Customer Experience Coordinator - Admissions
1. She has only been on the job for a few months and she's already set up a spread sheet to track why clients go LACA hoping we can group together some reasons, then formulate a plan to reduce the numbers. She has also established a great communication system with the JETS to get them to volunteer each day to greet new clients at admissions. This has helped tremendously with the fear and discomfort many new clients feel when they come in. She also has set up suggestion boxes in all the houses and a process to follow up on them. This again will hopefully result in better client retention. She is always positive and friendly, but she has the ability to set very firm boundaries with the clients in a friendly and understanding way. She is well respected by her co-workers and the clients and she is a tremendous asset to the Odyssey program.

2. Nycholle has been a great addition to our team here at admissions. She is always available to help wherever there may be a need. She talks to the clients when they may be nervous about entering treatment. She chats with clients when they are coming back from a LACA. She has started a suggestion box program to help the clients have a voice in their houses and helps make changes that may encourage them to stay. During the recent event we had outside of admissions she helped walk the clients to the vans and drivers that were unable to get back on the property as well as walking our Onboarding Clients outside of the police lines to make sure they were safe to get back to their programs. Words can not express how lucky we are to have her.

TEAM ADULT RESIDENTIAL – DOWNTOWN -- Lilly Pedersen Sproul, Behavioral Health Tech
1. Lily Pedersen is an outstanding employee whose commitment to the welfare of her clients at Odyssey House is unparalleled. With unwavering dedication, she goes above and beyond to ensure that every individual under her care receives the support they need to thrive. Lily's empathetic approach, coupled with her expertise in counseling and rehabilitation, makes her a beacon of hope for those battling addiction. Her tireless advocacy and personalized care create a safe and nurturing environment where clients feel empowered to embark on their journey to recovery. Lily's passion for her work shines through in every interaction, making her an invaluable asset to the Odyssey House team and a beacon of inspiration for her colleagues.

2. Lily completes tasks with compassion and empathy. She gives clients priority to her time and readily makes herself available to har them out and meet their needs. She does all this while having healthy boundaries and learning by example.

3. She is an amazing person always willing to help out the clients and her Co workers she goes above and beyond!

4. She shows that she genuinely cares about the clients.

TEAM ADULT RESIDENTIAL – LIGHTHOUSE -- Jay Holzworth, Kitchen Manager; Chef Extraordinaire
Chef Jay is a key part of our client's treatment. He is always willing to speak with clients and brings a different perspective to their treatment. Clients express their gratitude almost daily for his kindness, caring and hard work. He volunteers to help other staff members. He not only works hard for Lighthouse he supports Odyssey activities such as Grads day, Odyssey day and all other Odyssey activities where food is provided. He is an essential part of the Odyssey family, his dedication, love for the clients and his team members represent the best of what Odyssey stands for. Personally he is a major part of my recovery and he helps make it a joy to work at Lighthouse.  

TEAM ADULT RESIDENTIAL – MEADOWBROOK -- Conrad Marchant, Behavioral Health Tech
Conrad is always the first to jump in and help whenever anything needs to get done. He's not afraid to put in extra hours when asked. He interacts with every client on a fair level of love and respect yet he still holds very strong boundaries with our clients. Conrad is definitely a team player and much needed and loved here at Meadowbrook.  

Braken not only goes out of his way to meet the needs of the clients he also goes over and beyond to step up for his co workers covering groups when needed transporting clients when needed taking time to answer questions an share his knowledge of the program to others His kindness is contagious and it's impossible to not smile and feel welcomed in his presence. He makes himself available when ever a client is struggling to encourage them to see the positive it has been a pleasure to work with Braken and have him apart of the Millcreek team.

TEAM CLINIC -- Elizabeth Rodriguez, Medical Assistant
1. Elizabeth embodies the essence of warmth and hospitality in our workplace. From the moment she joined the team, her welcoming demeanor immediately put me at ease. With a genuine smile and open arms, she creates an inviting atmosphere where everyone feels valued and accepted. Whether it’s greeting newcomers with a friendly introduction or offering a listening ear to those in need, Elizabeth’s welcoming nature sets the tone for a positive and inclusive work environment.

One of Elizabeth’s most remarkable qualities is her ability to trust unconditionally. She approaches every interaction with a sense of trust and optimism, believing in the inherent goodness of others. Whether delegating tasks, collaborating, or sharing personal insights, she extends trust freely, inspiring confidence and empowering her colleagues to rise to their full potential. This unwavering trust fosters strong bonds of camaraderie and mutual respect among team members, creating a foundation of support and collaboration that propels us toward our shared goals.

Despite her professional demeanor and unwavering confidence, Elizabeth is not afraid to show vulnerability. She understands that vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but rather a demonstration of authenticity and strength. Whether acknowledging her own shortcomings, sharing personal challenges, or expressing empathy for others, she embraces vulnerability as a catalyst for deeper connections and meaningful relationships. By allowing herself to be vulnerable, Elizabeth creates a safe space where honesty and openness are celebrated, fostering a culture of transparency and emotional well-being in our workplace.

In Elizabeth, I have found not only a coworker but also a mentor, confidante, and friend. Her welcoming spirit, unconditional trust, and willingness to be vulnerable have left an indelible mark on our team, shaping the way we collaborate, communicate, and support one another. As we navigate the ups and downs of our professional journey together, I am grateful for Elizabeth’s presence and the invaluable lessons she continues to impart on the importance of kindness, trust, and authenticity in the workplace.

2. Elizabeth is one of the most helpful people I have ever worked with. She is kind, on top of it, and always willing to help literally every one of the MAs. You'd be hard pressed to find a person on the MA team that she did not help. You never even have to ask she just notices and offers, or even just jumps in and surprises you with a hand. When Elizabeth is working I know that things are going to run smoothly and stuff is going to get done. She truly models what it means to be a good employee and a great coworker.


TEAM MENTAL HEALTH; WOMEN’S / MEN’S, CRIMINAL JUSTICE -- Alize Bangerter, Behavioral Health Tech – Men’s Mental Health
Alize has been an unofficial trainer for several new employees while Men's Mental Health is lacking a Behavioral Health Technician Supervisor. As one of those new employees, my experience with Alize has been very positive. She communicates care and concern for new employees and goes out of her way to show us how to accomplish the many tasks we are required to do. She helps us understand the many rules and norms of the program. She is available by text message and has been happy to answer questions when she is not working. She is also a very positive example of interacting with clients. She knows our clients very well and is kind but firm. She models enforcing the rules and guaranteeing client safety while also connecting with care in an appropriate way and helping clients feel cared for and seen.

TEAM OUTPATIENT; SUGARHOUSE / REDWOOD -- Spencer Gasu, Case Manager – Sugarhouse
Spencer has from day one been open to sharing his journey of self discovery and how he was able to make it through the program to graduate with clients coming into IOP. Spencer is honest about his struggles he faced throughout his time in treatment which allows the clients to understand that although this program is not easy it is doable. It is a wonderful experience to hear Spencer share his story with clients, it is a story of overcoming and persevering through some truly difficult obstacles. Spencer will go to bat for clients when he feels there is an obstacle unfairly put in their way and will go above and beyond to support those individuals. Spencer is a major support to our Orientation group that he runs, he is always making sure to get them oriented to the rules/program as a whole as soon as possible without trying to overwhelm them. Overall Spencer is someone the clients and staff can count on in times of need and that is truly something remarkable, definitely not an everyday characteristic. 

TEAM PARENTS & CHILDREN SERVICES -- Troy Cooper, Therapist – Children Services
1. Troy is an impactful person in our program. He is one of the most humble people you will ever experience. He brings his knowledge and expertise to his work and does so in such a way that supports his continued curiosity and openness to feedback and listens to client's lived experiences and validates them. He has worked here for a significant amount of time and does not allow his time here impact his desire for knowledge and growth and it shows up everyday. We are so proud to have him a someone on our team and he displays leadership in a way that is both has boundaries and empathy. We are so thankful for him and his presence, strength and the forever learner mentality he role-models for all of us.

2. Troy was my supervisor and mentor several years ago, and I remember being so impressed with him and the way he carried himself. Now as his colleague, I am even more impressed. Troy's communication with clients is direct, clear, and never condescending. He handles very uncomfortable groups and conversations with sensitivity and grace. He leads by example and I frequently see him getting down on children's levels to demonstrate parenting techniques or engaging in role plays to help clients understand concepts in family therapy. He listens sincerely to both clients and staff, and deftly navigates the need to either help individuals hold their problems or offer solutions. I appreciate the calm, kind demeanor he brings to the therapeutic community, and I know the clients appreciate it as well. Thank you Troy!

TEAM SCHOOL BASED SERVICES & YOUTH EXPEDITION -- Kayla Clark, Therapist – School Based Programs
Kayla has an amazing spirit and light about her! Not only does she make me feel welcomed as an employee, she is very mindful about her Clients and is very welcoming towards them as well! I have seen Kayla interact with her clients and she is a great example of one who holds great rapport with those she meets with. Kayla does an amazing job at being mindful and thoughtful towards her interactions with others! Something else that I really admire about Kayla is that she puts in the extra mile for her Cx's to enjoy their therapy experiences by making her office a welcoming environment! Kayla has used a lot of her own expenses to decorate her office to make it a more therapeutic setting. Kayla also has wonderful personal skills and has worked very hard to gain and maintain the trust of the admin, counselors, staff, and students of her school. At the beginning of the year, Kayla started her caseload from scratch and opened up and insane amount of Clients within one month because she was determined to get the ball rolling. Kayla has a great work ethic and is very dedicated to making sure that her clients receive the best services! It is a pleasure to work with her! 

TEAM TRANSITIONAL SERVICES, BOARDING HOMES & FACT -- Riley Chamberlain, Behavioral Health Tech – Boarding Homes
Riley has been such an asset to our team she is flexible with hours and shifts she jumps in to situations that sometimes aren't the best weather it is to try and help clean something up or de-escalate a resident thank you Riley  

TEAM YOUTH RESIDENTIAL -- Kit Thayn, UR Specialist
1. Kit has been an excellent role model for the kiddos as a staff member in the therapeutic community. He demonstrates compassion, empathy, and awareness that allows him to be a safe presence for the adolescents. He is always willing to step in and help whenever it's needed, and he conducts himself with professionalism and kindness. He is focused on providing the kids with the best treatment possible to ensure they have better outcomes. Kit has also taught me many things about the program and has helped me find new, more effective ways to implement the Odyssey House therapeutic community concept with the kids we serve. He offers constructive feedback from a genuine place, and he clearly enjoys working at Odyssey. I have heard from several kids that they want Kit to work the floor because he holds them accountable with kindness and compassion. Being able to hold the kids to the rules of the program while maintaining an approachable demeanor is not an easy feat, and Kit does this with ease. He is able to have meaningful conversations with the kids and he meets them where they're at. We are lucky to have him on our team, and so are the kids!

2. Kit is pure gold. The light and positive energy he brings to the house is unmatched. His talents with dealing with UM's and billing is far beyond my comprehension. Being able to successfully do his job and helping the rest of us stay in line, Kit goes far above and beyond. His patience with not just clients but staff and their frustrations working with UM's is amazing. If there's anyone I'd recommend for work ethic, generosity, and pure kindness, Kit Thayn is the one. Anyone who disagrees with what I wrote, doesn't know Kit.