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Full Time Benefits

Full-time benefits include:
- MedicalDental Vision
- Life and long term disability insurance
- 403 (b) employer contribution
- Tuition reimbursement program


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Monthly Incentives

Odyssey awards up to $1,500 per month to staff nominated by their peers who embody the agency mission and help further our goals to provide the best treatment in the nation.


New Check Request/ Mileage Request

Please use the attached check request and mileage request. Please note that as of July 1, 2022 Odyssey House has raised the mileage to $0.56 per mile.

Cornerstone Award Winners



TEAM ADMIN, ADMISSIONS, MARKETING, FINANCE Pam Chavez,  Client Engagement Supervisor - Admissions
One of the standout qualities that sets Pam apart is her unwavering willingness to help. No task is too big or too small for her, and she always steps in with a positive attitude and a readiness to support her colleagues. Her commitment to assisting others, whether it's a member of another department or a new team member, is truly commendable and reflects her dedication to the success of our team as a whole.What truly makes Pam exceptional is her welcoming and inclusive nature. Even in challenging situations, she maintains her warmth and friendliness, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Pam extends this kindness to new admits, even when they might not be at their best. Her ability to remain patient and compassionate, even in the face of adversity, is a true testament to her professionalism and dedication to the well-being of our clients. Pam is an outstanding team player who consistently demonstrates the core values of our agency. Her positive attitude, willingness to help, and genuine care for both colleagues and clients make her an invaluable asset to our team.  

TEAM ADULT RESIDENTIAL – DOWNTOWN Pharaoh Beagley, Behavioral Health Tech
Pharaoh goes above and beyond for the clients. She brings a unique perspective to the team and the clients connect well with her approach. She has been able to keep so may clients from going LACA that I wasn’t able to talk out of leaving. She loves her job and sees the importance of her role and what she does for the community and organization alike. I seriously wouldn’t know what to do if she quit.  

TJ has been an amazing asset to the team at LH. He goes above and beyond for Odyssey House. TJ is the first person to step up and offer to drive the clients to all the events we have. He also takes the clients that want religious services and takes them to church every week. He does incredible as a Peer Support Specialist and love that he is a part of our team. Thank you TJ keep up the great work.  

Megan has stepped up to oversee ALL UR efforts for Adult programs. She has worked hard to streamline the process so that if needed, others can step in and help cover funding for the programs. She has given a lot of time and effort to train others on this process and is always available to help. She has busted her butt over the last couple of months covering for people leaving the UR position, and for those who took time off for vacation. She is an excellent team player.  

Casandra is such a positive person. She always listens attentively to the things I have to say; ideas I have, my needs (etc..) and does her best to meet them or help me figure out how to accommodate them. I have always felt like she genuinely cares about me as a person and values me as a team member. When I got a promotion and suddenly had a lot more responsibility that, at times I felt like I couldn't handle, she never once made me feel incompetent or that I wasn't right for the job. She supported me in every way she could and really helped me come into my own with the position. She really wants to help her team members and help them grow, even if that means letting them go and supporting them when they move on to the next thing. She's really an inspiration to me and has definitely really helped me feel like I finally fit in at Odyssey and that this is where I want to make a career for myself. In short, Casandra is AMAZING to work for!  

Your the best boss I've ever had thank you for being ontop of everything  

TEAM CLINIC Torrie Webb, Billing Manager
Torrie has become such an amazing addition to the clinic as a whole with her bubbly personality & hilarious comments. She has become more of an addition by placing all of her eggs in the billing basket to help us turn around and become more successful as a whole. She is working day/night/ and even some Saturdays to make sure she gets the proper training and information to pass on to other parts of our organization & to insure Martindale is not only successful in patient care but also in contributing to Odyssey House as a whole. Thank you for all the hard work, love and care for both clients and your job Torrie you are so appreciated and well rounded. You are an asset to Odyssey House.


TEAM MENTAL HEALTH; WOMEN’S / MEN’S, FACT, CRIMINAL JUSTICE Evelyn Rosier, Clinical Director  – Women’s Mental Health
Evelyn became the clinical director of Womens Mental Health a couple of months ago. When she came into Womens, she went straight into makes changes to make staff's lives easier. Evelyn has created protocols to help staff keep track of their notes, which clients have attended groups, and discharges. She has trained staff on both technical aspects of the job and also how to be better clinicians. Evelyn creates time for all of her staff, even setting aside special time each month for clinicians to discuss their caseloads. She has been warm and welcoming, and it is clear to her staff that we can come to her with our questions.  

TEAM OUTPATIENT; SUGARHOUSE / REDWOODRachel Evans, Program Manager – Sugarhouse
Rachel Evans has gone above and beyond to keep Sugarhouse afloat. When our receptionist was out of office for maternity leave, she readily took over her responsibilities as well as maintained her own while she was away. She continued trying to hire someone to be at the front desk with little success and still maintained a positive attitude when she was working long hours with an elevated work load. She has been a kind and supportive individual for everyone, and is readily available to answer everyone's questions and help out when asked. As someone who is still pretty new to the office, and noticing other new staff, we all go to her for help and she is enthusiastic to help and is very patient with our learning curve. She shows resilience, organization, and high competency under stress and heavy work load. She did all of this with an authentic smile. Plus she's incredibly funny and always keeps morale up.  

TEAM PARENTS & CHILDREN SERVICES Jenn Belt, Case Manager – Parent’s Program
Jennifer Belt is a structural, vital, and amazing human for our parents team. She is a wearer of many hats. Jen is a case manager and supports our client's with their case management treatment life including housing, court, dcfs, benefits, and teaching them skills to be successful when they leave treatment. Jen is also a CPSS. She brings her personal experience to our client's and shares her story so vulnerably and inspires our client's to overcome obstacles that have supported their cycle of addiction through role-modeling. Jen is also a supportive co-worker and our team is stronger with her presence. Jen is accountable and shows through role-modeling that staff also have accountability and she represents the Odyssey House Philosophy. Parents with Jen is an inspired, motivated and fun environment!  

Jen has stepped in to help when support other staff in the house who have been covering the house. She has been helping with client belongings and saw a need to re-organize to make things more simple. She not only did her casemanagment meeting with all our clients, she spent all day at court and still dedicated time to go through and reorganize all our outside sheds... personals, donations, storage. This was a HUGE job and she did it with a smile on her face and got all the clients involved to teach them organization skills. If there is a need, Jen figures out how to get her job done and support others to improve client care.  

Jen is the heart and soul of the Parent's Program! She has an amazing way with clients. She knows how to speak truthfully but does so in a way that conveys concern and support. She is always ready and willing to sit in on group therapy to help clients hold one another accountable. She even models this herself and shows her love for the process, as she is quick to say "thank you" and enact change when clients hold her accountable. Her skills and expertise as a case manager are astounding, as she expertly navigates housing and vital documentation and fiercely advocates for clients and their children. She ensures that everyone has the resources they need to succeed. Even outside of the office, Jen is often participating in and cheering clients on at sober softball and at other events within the community. We are so lucky to have her!  

TEAM SCHOOL BASED SERVICES & YOUTH EXPEDITIONMegan Merkes, Therapist – School Based Services
Megan is an incredible member of the school based services team. She goes above and beyond to advocate for her clients and ensure they feel safe, heard and validated. With the recent onboarding of so many new team members for the school-based program, Megan has really stepped into a mentor role. She has put forth a great effort to make her new colleagues feel welcome, supported and part of the team. As a newer staff member, I can attest that she has been a great resource and source of support for me the past few months. We are lucky to have her and appreciate all she does for her clients and the team.  

Megan has been incredibly welcoming. In my first week she reached out to connect on a personal level which made me feel valued as a person in addition to an employee. Her light hearted and warm personality added to her welcoming presence. I look forward to working with her more.  

TEAM TRANSITIONAL SERVICES, BOARDING HOMES & FACTLindsay Peckham, Behavioral Health Tech – Boarding Homes
Lindsay has jumped in head first after only a few weeks working at Jasper she has picked up numerous shifts which sometimes leave her working 6 days a week i just want her to know she has been a huge help. THANK YOU LINDSAY  

TEAM YOUTH RESIDENTIALNatasha Oldroyd Hutchings, Behavioral Health Tech
Natasha has been apart of Odyssey for over a year now and has gone from a Behavioral Tech on the floor working with these clients to a intern case worker for our clients. Natasha puts her best foot forward and always advocates for the clients to get the best treatment possible. You would never know she gets frustrated with the clients or other staff because she is always level headed and open in her communication. Our clients always greet Natasha with a big smile and hug. I’ve seen her be a support for them as well as be able to joke and laugh. She has a genuine connection with every client that comes through our doors.