Additional interventions

As a mother, you have so much more weighing on you when you are struggling with addiction. Getting into our residential program will help you overcome the drug use and heal your family.

Bring kids to treatment

Your kids depend on you, so you can all heal together in our care. Kids can attend treatment with you if they are between 0-9 years old.

Parenting Skills Development

Mom learns multiple healthy parenting skills from staff. This builds trust with the children and provides coping skills during stressful times.


Working through Salt Lake City School District, moms can obtain their GED and receive vocational support while in treatment.


Nothing bonds families together than healthy activities in the community. Mom engages with children in a fun way while maintaining sobriety.


Mom's take accountability for their families and their behaviors to become the loving parent that they always could be.

healthy relationships

Mom's repair not only their relationship with their kids, but also healthy relationships that were damaged due to their drug and alcohol use.

Therapeutic Daycare

While mom's are participating in addiction and mental health services during the day, their kids attend Odyssey's Children Services Program. Kids receive treatment from highly trained and specialty licensed staff immediately (even if they are newborns) to help rebuild attachment and to heal any childhood trauma. Youth engage in several activities and learn what it feels like to have a healthy childhood with a healthy parent. School age children attend a local elementary and receive services in the afternoon.


Odyssey House has over 48 funding contracts to help people access addiction treatment. You may have coverage by commercial insurance or Medicaid, which helps provide quick access to care. Our Admissions Team can evaluate if you qualify for government contracts that may pay for your inpatient treatment if you are located in Utah. Please contact our Admissions Team at 801-322-3222 to discuss your needs or read more on our insurance funding page.